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Ville Aalto is a sound artist and electronic musician from Vantaa, Finland. His artistic practice revolves around creating synthesized imitations of natural sounds / soundscapes. Combining these artificial nature sounds with electronic music, he creates immersive surround sound installations, concerts and albums of electronic music / sound art.

While drawing from ecological and biological themes, Aalto limits his usage of sound strictly to electronically generated tones, eschewing samples and field recordings. The divide between natural and artificial is called into question as the sounds of biology and technology merge into something fascinating or horrifying – depending on the mindset of the listener. Synthetic songbirds chirp under voltage-controlled weather systems, electronic cityscapes hum and artificial insects stridulate in digital forests.

Aalto launched Avian Electronics, a series of sound art works, in 2020. Since then, he has produced 9 surround sound installations, multiple concerts and two albums, the first of which was nominated for the Teosto prize.




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