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Äänitaiteen Seura (Sound Art Society) is an artist-run venue in Helsinki dedicated to contemporary sound art.
It was founded on 23.3.2023 by Ana GutieszcaMarko Timlin.

We believe that the act of true listening is one of the most profound and important human experiences. To make this possible we offer a physical space in Katajanokka, Helsinki, for concerts, workshops, exhibitions and seminars.

Äänitaiteen Seura understands itself as a platform for sound art & all its ramifications. Its mission is to organize concerts that foster expressiveness through sound & extraordinary instruments and explore the complexities of sound as an art form.

Äänitaiteen Seura presents performances on a regular basis inviting the audience to open their ears and dive into unexplored universes of sound.

Performances designated by invitation only.

Äänitaiteen Seura has been kindly supported by Helsingin Kaupunki & TAIKE.