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After an arduino workshop in February 2024, Rikard Lassenius gave me a copy of the porös album as a present. What first impressed us (me and Ana) was the vinyl record's extremely stylish, reduced and classy visual design. As it turned out it also was the first record we listened to after moving to our new home. We were deeply moved by the unique and well-produced sound universe this record offers to the sensitive listener. It is truly one of the best records we have heard in recent years! It makes no sense for us now to describe in words what Rikard Lassenius has transformed into layers of otherworldly sounds and sonic textures. We´d just say this: come, support and experience this raw and still undiscovered diamond of musical sound art made in Finland.

We are proud and honored to present porös at Äänitaiteen Seura.

We are grateful that we received funding from Helsingin Kaupunki for this concert, so entrance is free.

ig: @p.o.r.oe.s

ig: @rikardlassenius


Doors open at 19.00, concert starts at 20.00.

Welcome to be amongst like-minded people and enjoy a variety of donation based tasty drinks before the concert in our charming venue.